Winter tip

The cold weather can make your saddle slippery at just the time you need a little more "stick" to stay with your frisky horse. 
To combat this, use a dry glycerin bar and wipe the seat and flaps of your…Read more

Panties for charity

Diane McManus delivered our collection of panties, used clothing and checks to the shelter today.  They are full right now and were very happy to recieve the donations.  Thank you everyone!
Marie Morgan

Dickens Training and Intro Champions

Our Training Level and Intro Level champions are:
Training Level Champ = Katie Bortel
Training reserve = Denise Salazar

Intro Champ = Kelsey Wilson
Intro reserve = K Leonard

Katie Bortel has also won the "Best Seat Award" donated by…Read more

Dickens on the Sand champions, part one

All of our champions were awarded gift certificates to Arcola Feed thanks to their continued support and generosity!
Champion Second Level and above was Jeanette Snow on Lalique von Foster, Reserve was Cyndi Craig on Flying Colors
First Level Champion…Read more

Happy Solstice

Happy winter Solstice to everyone!  This is the night the sun stands still (or is it the moon?)  Anyway, it is the longest and usually the brightest night of the year but this year is a bit different.  We will…Read more


Congratulations to Karla West Dee and Enchanted Love Affair (Venus) on great rides at the HDS Schooling Show Championships.   Karla was fourth in the class with a 62% Way to go Karla!!!
by Marie Morgan
Check us out of…Read more

Debbie Bowman clinic

Debbie was here on Sunday Dec. 12th teaching all day and we loved it!  Our new sound system worked perfectly except when we discoved that one battery in the microphone won't last all day.  So even with the cold and…Read more

Dickens on the Sand

This year's show will be the best yet.
Join us for the Solstice Farms "Panty Raid" and bring new, unopened panties for our charity, "Familytime Crisis and Counseling Center".  This time of year, emotions run high and many abused women…Read more