Debbie riding at Solstice.


Solstice Farms hosts clinician Debbie Bowman on a monthly basis. Auditing is encouraged and is always free!  Full deposit is required to secure your time slot in each clinic. Please see table below for pricing information.

Debbie's next clinic at Solstice will be:



Services Pricing
45 minute private lesson
(includes lunch)
Day Stall $10
Overnight Stall
(includes stall cleaning, giving owner-provided feed, & turn out available)
Auditing free

Instructor Training

For those of you considering going to USDF instructor workshops sometime in the future or simply honing your skills, we have a special offer. You can take a spot in our regularly scheduled clinics at Solstice Farms with Debbie Bowman, USDF Examiner, to specifically work on your skills. You may chose to focus on lungeing the rider, lungeing the horse, riding or teaching. We are able to provide demo horses and riders but will need advance notice.

These sessions will be instructional and appropriate for those just beginning to teach and train as well as more experienced instructors. Each session will run 1 hour and cost $190. “Participating auditors” are encouraged and will be able to ask questions and be quizzed by Debbie. Auditing is $15/ session or $30/day.

This instructional opportunity is unofficial and no report will be forwarded to USDF. Please refer to the USDF website for more information on the program. There are many opportunities in our region to improve your riding skills with a variety of clinicians. There are very few possibilities to improve your skills as an instructor/trainer. We are hoping to change that! 

Debbie Bowman - Bio

Debbie is an examiner for the USDF Instructor Certification Program and has trained and shown several horses through Grand Prix. She is a former USET Team Member and was chosen as one of two alternates to the 1984 Olympic Team with her horse, Falstaff.  She spent many years studying in Germany with Dr. Reiner Klimke, Herbert, Rehbein, and Karin Schlueter and was the first American to be awarded the Bereiter certification from the German F.N. (German Equestrian Federation).  Debbie actively rides, competes, and teaches clinics and workshops throughout the country.  She is very talented at explaining advanced concepts in an engaging and understandable manner.